Teachers Needed in International Cities. Apply Now!

Teachers Needed in International Cities. Apply Now!

Did you know that teaching is one of the easiest professions to find a job overseas?

In May 2012, The Harvard Business Review declared that English was the official language of business. Nearly 1 in every 4 people speak English at a converational level (1.75 billion people!). HBR lists three reasons why English has become so fundamental: 1.  If you want to buy and sell, you must be able to communicate in diverse settings; 2. Language differences create a bottleneck in working together; and 3. Merger and acquisitions are less complicated and nuanced when everyone speaks the same language.

(Tsedal Neeley, “Global Business Speaks English,” Harvard Business Review. https://hbr.org/2012/05/global-business-speaks-english)

Did you know that British and American schools are scattered in nearly every major city so that influential parents can send their kids to be immersed in English Education?

From India and Nepal to Zimbabwe and Kenya, children are immersed in the British system. All throughout the Middle East to China English language K-12 schools have become extremely profitable by families who see the globalization of the world economy. If a child can speak English fluently in Nicaragua, he can make three times the salary working at a call center than he would as a local lawyer or doctor. In Northern Iraq, a job working for an NGO often pays double what any other government job would pay.

Did you know that being a teacher around the world serves others in a way no other profession can?

Being a 7th grade math teacher in Ras al Khaimah, UAE may not seem important from the outside, but there are schools that host 40+ nationalities. Being a teacher is a great way to humbly serve people and build up the city, while living intentionally.

So, what now?  If you are a teacher desiring to teach overseas, you have two great options:

1.      Apply Now, Independently.

Typically, International Schools are on roughly the same calendar as US schools, but the hiring is dependent on their enrollment and their retention of teachers.  Look up the school websites. 

-January, the school will ask teachers who want to renew their contracts.

-February, they figure out what positions need to be hired, and they start connecting with job fairs.

-March, they are interviewing candidates.

-April, they are making the final hires for following year.

Right now, there is a 4-6 week window where they are still hiring. Don’t wait until next year. Start applying early; they may have a specific need that you could fill.

2.         Reach out to Education Recruiters.

There are multiple recruiting firms that do all the work for you. They have made contacts with hundreds of international schools in the great urban centers around the world. They ask for a small fee (around $200) to ensure you are serious, and then, have proven time and time again to actually get you placed in a job. The fee is well worth the price for saving you time and energy.

Two services I recommend are:

Search Associates

International School Services

Browse the job listings. You will be surprised and how many opportunities there are, and you just may fit some of them.


-- Reposted with permission from Joshua W. --