When God asks you to be a nurse abroad

Last week we had the privilege of traveling to Memphis, TN to participate in the Missional Marketplace Summit at Germantown Baptist Church.  This event was an opportunity for people in the marketplace to come discuss and learn how God can use them to share the Gospel as they work in their jobs, using their natural giftings and abilities.

Of course, we are passionate about equipping, training and connecting these talented marketplace professionals to take their careers abroad; to live and work in a strategic place for the sake of the Gospel. We met a lot of people, but one young couple really stuck out to us.

Their names are Greg and Jenny and I absolutely loved hearing what God has been doing in their hearts. Both of them had felt God leading them to consider going overseas as vocational missionaries for quite awhile. But it wasn't until they really started praying for God's direction that they felt Him calling them to use their skills and experience as nurses in another country. It's something they can't let go. They've looked into applying with a missions organization, which may still be a valid route for them. However, the pull to work overseas as nurses is so strong that they can't just shake it off a-la Taylor Swift. The neat thing about this couple is that I saw what it looks like when God places a calling on someone's life, He doesn't let them forget it, not matter how many paths they explore. I don't know how God will get these two nurses overseas, but I'm confident that He'll make a way for them-wether it's through a traditional missions organization or through the marketplace, He will make His plans happen so that the Good News of Jesus will be given to the lost of the world.   Don't miss a single blog post from us! 

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