Grasp the concept that this young student has already gotten

A few months ago, we hosted our first Meet-Up in Kansas City. It's been great to host these informal events all over the country. Be sure you let us know if you'd like one in your city and we'll see what we can do! The highlight of the evening was hearing from one young man who very well may understand something that many adults fail to recognize. He completely and totally gets that God has a purpose to share His Good News with all nations, and He has created this young man to be a part of it, through his God given gifts and talents. Did you catch that? This young student is gifted in a certain way. He enjoys studying certain things. He wants to make a career out of his interests in business. And He also wants to be used by God to reach the lost through his career.

You may be a CEO of a company and feel like God can only use you when you're serving in the church on Sunday mornings. Maybe you feel bad that you enjoy watching stocks or reading books on marketing because it's not "important Gospel work." But please remember this truth: If you are a child of God, one who has placed all of their hope in the risen Savior, then you are His, bought with a price. Your life belongs to God. God has not created you to enjoy stocks or marketing or teaching or engineering by mistake. Instead, He gave you these giftings and passions as a part of His larger purpose that He has been accomplishing over the centuries. Don't feel bad that you enjoy your job. Just be sure you are asking the one question that this young student has already asked: "God, how can you use me and my career to take the Gospel to the ends of the earth?" 

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