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We’re a global community of Christ-followers — entrepreneurs, artists, teachers, doctors, engineers, students, lawyers, technicians, accountants and so many more — all united by a common purpose: using our work to take the Gospel to the nations. This network thrives in an organic, exclusive, online community designed to:

Awaken professionals to possibilities!
Connect those professionals in community.
Equip them to live intentionally and make disciples.
Engaging the lost, from neighbors to the nations.

“Why wouldn’t Christian professionals think about how their career could be used for the mission of God and carry the gospel with them as they go?”

– J.D. Greear / Pastor, Summit Church

All over the world, God is awakening thousands of ordinary working professionals for an extraordinary purpose. Many of these professionals are only beginning to catch a glimpse of how God can use them to make an eternal impact through their chosen vocations where they live, work and play.

God has designed you with specific gifts, talents and passions. Why not use them, right where you are, for the sake of living out the Gospel? Whether on a factory floor, in a classroom, a hospital, an office, raising a family or anywhere your career or studies take you — seize the opportunity. Join Skybridge today.

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