September 11, 2015

This man took his job to Spain, for the gospel

By juliemasson

“The advantage of having a job is that you have relationships already built-in,” says Skybridge member Matt Miller. “So when I’m at work, I’m listening for opportunities to deepen those relationships and share the gospel. Within the first three months of arriving in Spain, I’ve been asked what I believe, if I go to church and what I think about death five or six different times, which was totally surprising to me in this predominantly secular culture.” 

Watch Matt's story by clicking below.

May 15, 2015

Trauma surgeon trades American Dream for kingdom work abroad

By juliemasson

In a family of pastors and church planters, Skybridge member Jeremiah Lee* is the odd man out. Not because he doesn’t care about spreading the gospel, but because the New Jersey trauma surgeon chose medicine as the expression of Christ’s Great Commission calling in his life.

Lee’s family emigrated from South Korea to New York City in 1980 so his father, a full-time pastor, could minister to immigrant and low-income communities. Both of Lee’s brothers eventually followed suit and today serve as pastors and church planters in the city. That placed “an incredible amount of…

April 10, 2015

10 things to know before taking your healthcare career abroad

By Guest Blogger

Let's face it — when it comes to taking your career abroad, healthcare professionals have some extra hurdles to jump. There's licensing, continuing education requirements, not to mention laws that may affect your ability to share the gospel. So we asked Dr. Rebekah Naylor for help. She served with IMB as missionary surgeon in South Asia for over 35 years, and now works as a health care consultant in the United States for Baptist Global Response. Naylor offered up plenty of wise counsel,…

February 20, 2015

An expert interview with a missiologist

By juliemasson

We love interviewing Skybridge members and other people who are living and working in another culture, for the sake of the Gospel. Today however, we are doing a completely different interview. Meet Caleb Crider, a missiologist who is passionate about the mission of God and redefining the words associated with "missions."  We sat down to ask him some basic questions about missiology (the study of God's mission) in hopes that our members will feel more equipped to live on mission wherever they live and work around the world.