Teachers Needed in International Cities. Apply Now!
April 3, 2017

Teachers Needed in International Cities. Apply Now!

By Guest Blogger

Did you know that teaching is one of the easiest professions to find a job overseas?

In May 2012, The Harvard Business Review declared that English was the official language of business. Nearly 1 in every 4 people speak English at a converational level (1.75 billion people!). HBR lists three reasons why English has become so fundamental: 1.  If you want to buy and sell, you must be able to communicate in diverse settings; 2. Language differences create a bottleneck in working together; and 3. Merger and acquisitions are less complicated and…

April 16, 2016

Should I start a blog if I live overseas?

By Guest Blogger

The short answer is YES. You definitely should. 

But why, Julie? 

Oh let me count the ways.

It’s not just your story. You are a piece of the puzzle You are part of a grand narrative that God has been telling since the beginning of time. God is using you as part of HIS mission to reach the lost around the globe through people with regular jobs, expat wives, and more. The reality is that there are others involved in what God is doing through you in your country. People praying for you back home will be so much more involved if they are able to…

October 2, 2015

Lessons learned in the European marketplace

By Guest Blogger

About a year ago, I received word that I had been hired at my current job. I had been on a job search here for about four months and was delighted that God had opened this door at last.

Looking back, while the time has flown, it's been anything but easy. But this first year in the European marketplace has yielded some terrific professional, spiritual and general life lessons.

Here are the top 10 lessons I've learned during this first year of my professional career in a European workplace:

1. I can only do what I can do.…

February 6, 2015

3 reasons you don't want to miss LAUNCH in Richmond, March 8-13

By marmot1701

Let's be honest. For many of us, the idea of taking our job to another country is both exciting and intimidating -- especially intimidating. Assuming you're not daunted by the prospect of an international job search (which scares the fool out of me!), there are plenty of other pitfalls to navigate: visa issues, language, culture shock, family transition, children's education... the list goes on. Now, add sharing your faith with a Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or atheist to that list and you might feel like you're drowning. With so many unknowns, where do you even start? I've got some…