July 7, 2016

31 Day Challenge by Antioch Journey

By Guest Blogger

Check out this great new study from one of our Skybridge partners, Antioch Journey.

The Antioch Journey website centers around a simple 31-day series of emails (the “31 Day Challenge”), as well as blog entries and access to a full assessment tool that helps you understand your readiness for ministry in the marketplace. Organizers are praying it will help you connect your faith and vocation in a way that intentionally fulfills the Great Commission.

If you are up to the challenge, check out there website, http://antiochjourney.…

March 14, 2016

Learning to love foreigners well

By Guest Blogger

People gathering together is a universal activity that translates into every culture.

And there’s nothing quite like a room full of women who gather bringing international food! The air quickly fills with smells of curry and sounds of repetitive conversations. We each have to restate words several times to comprehend what is being said through thick international accents. (Or, in my case, a thick southern accent.)

Learning to love foreigners is a process.

We don’t automatically love foreigners. Have you noticed that? Yet, scripture says, “The foreigner residing among…

August 28, 2015

Purpose and intentionality will take you far when living abroad

By Guest Blogger

Recently I read David McCullough’s new book on the Wright brothers.  I knew the headline story but didn’t really know the details.  Like many historical achievements, the background story featured strong personalities, powerful intellect, and incredible perseverance.  But McCullough as he did in his biographies of John Adams and Harry Truman also captures what is unique in their story.

The Wright brothers were PKs (preacher’s kids)…

July 31, 2015

Three challenges (and solutions) to professionals reaching a diaspora while working abroad

By Guest Blogger

Years ago we lived in Europe, desiring to be salt and light among urban professionals. We wanted to find ways that we could take the gospel to this people group segment. We quickly learned that we could not do this well with a missionary identity nor could we as a non-profit helping the community. We could make contacts but we were operating on the fringe of the segment we were desiring to engage.

We found out that people who worked in the marketplace often made better missionaries than we could as full time Christian workers. They could actually get deeper into the…