Teachers Needed in International Cities. Apply Now!
April 3, 2017

Teachers Needed in International Cities. Apply Now!

By Guest Blogger

Did you know that teaching is one of the easiest professions to find a job overseas?

In May 2012, The Harvard Business Review declared that English was the official language of business. Nearly 1 in every 4 people speak English at a converational level (1.75 billion people!). HBR lists three reasons why English has become so fundamental: 1.  If you want to buy and sell, you must be able to communicate in diverse settings; 2. Language differences create a bottleneck in working together; and 3. Merger and acquisitions are less complicated and…

April 17, 2015

Grasp the concept that this young student has already gotten

By juliemasson

A few months ago, we hosted our first Meet-Up in Kansas City. It's been great to host these informal events all over the country. Be sure you let us know if you'd like one in your city and we'll see what we can do! The highlight of the evening was hearing from one young man who very well may understand something that many adults fail to recognize. He completely and totally gets that God has a purpose to share His Good News with all nations, and He has created this young man…

December 19, 2014

Three surefire ways for a student to get a job overseas

By juliemasson

I see you there. It's late at night, you're at home for Christmas break and laying in your childhood bed, exhausted from finals week. Graduation is just a year and a half away and you're feeling restless about the future. Sure, college is great, but God has been pouring into you these past few years and showing you what He's all about. Now you're wondering if He might actually want to send you to another country after graduation. But wait, you definitely don't want to be a missionary. Perhaps you'd rather spend your days figuring out complicated engineering problems alongside people who…