You're either in ministry, or you're not

Let's be honest. Most of us in the American church believe that there are those that do "God's work" and then there are those that work "real jobs" and attend church. Of course, those of us with regular jobs have a vital role to play in ministry. We pray, we financially support the pastors, staff members and missionaries, but that is all we really can do. I mean, we have jobs to do and we need to be a good steward of those jobs. When we come home at the end of the day, we need to connect with our families. If we don't have a commitment at church, we are off duty. Right??? You there, you person with a 9-5 job, may I suggest a different way to look at things? What if you saw yourself as a minister of the Gospel where God has placed you in your job? What if you saw yourself as a missionary to the people you work with? The missiologist Caleb Crider says it best:

"A missionary is someone on mission. I know there are some who prefer to reserve the word only for certain people with certain gifting serving in certain ways, but this isn't helpful because it indirectly communicates that some of God's people don't have a mission; as if God were pleased with a class of Christians who sit on the sidelines. When it comes to mission, there are no spectators. No matter how much you read your Bible, pray, worship, fellowship, and give, you cannot follow Jesus and not go."

In 2015, we want to challenge you to take a look at your career and ask God how He wants to use  your gifts and talents to spread the Gospel across the globe. Maybe this will be the year you accept that job change in Asia. Have you considered teaching overseas instead of in the same classroom you've been in for the past 7 years? What about that freelance work you've been doing? Is this the year you start figuring out how to do that work in another country?

 Don't believe the lie that only those paid to do ministry are the only ones who are qualified to do ministry. You and the millions of other Christians with regular jobs have always been God's plan A for spreading the Gospel. So how about it? Will this be the year that you ask God to show you where He wants to send you? He may ask you to stay (which still means you "go" to those you live and work with), and He may ask you to go, but you won't know until you ask. If you are moving overseas with your career or thinking about moving overseas with your job, we would be happy to talk to you! Please Contact Us and we will connect with you!