How to share Jesus in the workplace, Part II

Last week we began a 2 part series on how to share Jesus on the job. You can read Part I here and Part II continues below.

While more employers are trying to create “religion-free zones” in the workplace, you have the legal right to express your faith within reasonable bounds. But be wise. Realize that you might encounter pushback, discipline or the threat of termination, even if you are responsibly exercising your right to free expression. Workplace evangelism is increasingly controversial; managers don’t like controversy. Are you prepared for a dispute with your company, or even a legal fight?

Listen to the voice of God as He speaks to your conscience. He will tell you whether to take a stand or patiently wait for later opportunities.

Getting Heard

In the meantime, remember that most Christians don’t share their faith at work because of their own fears and indifference, rather than any hostility from co-workers or company restrictions. Here are some simple tips for building goodwill and increasing the chances your faith expression will be heard:

  • Do your job well. Bosses and co-workers will listen to colleagues they value and respect.
  • Listen first, talk later. People want to know someone cares about what they think and feel. You might be the only such person in a co-worker’s life.
  • Offer to pray for personal needs. Almost everyone appreciates being prayed for — even if they claim not to believe in God. If they know you’re praying for them, their children, their needs and hurts, they’ll be more likely to ask you about your faith.
  • Be a friend. Cubicle life can be cramped and distracting, but you get to know people. If you’re spending as much time with co-workers as with your family, build relationships. God has put them right next to you for a reason.
  • Be honest. If they’ve spent much time around you, your co-workers already know your shortcomings. Admit them. Authenticity builds credibility.

It’s a challenging time to share your faith in the workplace. But remember that people, perhaps more than ever, want to hear words of hope.

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