How to pair theology and cigars in the Middle East

Allow me to introduce you to George. George* lives in one of the larger, highly unreached cities of the Middle East.  He and his wife have lived in the city for a little more than a year.  While George is older, he and his wife practically jumped at the opportunity to live and work abroad with the local petroleum company a year before.  They come from a great evangelical church in their home country.  For some time George has known the importance of sharing his faith in the workplace.  He knows the importance of having a great work ethic, consistent faith-evident lifestyle, and being intentional in listening to the Holy Spirit when sharing with his co-workers.  Due to the nature of his profession, many of his co-workers are atheist.  George has known the joy of speaking life-bringing Truth into his friends’ lives.  It is one of the things that brings him great joy. Let me back track a bit though . . .

A few years ago, in his home country, George began a once a month, in-home meeting. He invited his colleagues from work to join him there.  He also stacked the deck with other professionals who just happened to be intentional Christ followers too.  The group was called Theology Wine and Cigars (TWC). You don’t have to think too far to know what the group does.  The men brought their humidors and finer cigars from around the world.  Someone usually brought a bottle or two of their favorite wine.  A small feast of food is produced and the group of  8-12 men convene to talk about ‘God’.  George and his brothers lovingly but directly confronted their atheist friends with Biblical Truth and the reality of Christ.  George recounted their experience with great joy.

Now George is out of his home country and in a very different context.  He pondered if he might create a new chapter of TWC in his new city.  He took the plunge and found his new workmates to be as overwhelmingly receiving of the TWC concept as the coworkers at home were.  He has found other professional brothers in his International Church to join him in creating the Salt and Light sharing experiences in this new TWC group.  After a number of meetings, already the group is firmly cemented together despite the spiritual distance between them.  The Gospel flows in this unusual context.

What are you doing to natrually connect with your coworkers, for the purpose of sharing the Gospel with them?