A CEO shows the justice of God in Asia

Three years ago I had the privilege of an accidental interview. I’d been asked to Skype with the CEO of a company in Asia to ask him for some feedback on an aspect of Skybridge we were trying to rework. But what happened instead was that I learned some amazing first hand knowledge on how a CEO who follows Jesus can actually make an impact for the Gospel on even the lowest level employees.

As this man, let’s call him Mark, began talking about ways to be intentional for the Gospel when working abroad, my own assumptions were challenged. While Mark was indeed a very busy man in his role as CEO, his opportunity to display the Gospel was great. 

There was a woman who had been harassed by a fellow co-worker over some misunderstanding at work. Outside of work, her house was attacked and she was threatened. When Mark was told about this, he took swift action. He fired the offender. His employees were stunned, but none more than the woman who had suffered at the hands of her co-worker. You see, in her culture, justice is rarely served. The police cannot not be trusted and things are shoved under the rug rather than dealt with fairly. He saw this situation as an opportunity to point his employees to Jesus. “I serve a God of justice,” Mark explained to his workers one day. He told them that he follows the God of the Bible, and that God does not allow injustices to go unanswered. The female employee was blown away by Mark’s statement. She wanted to know more about this God. Others did too. As I understood it, Mark and a few other believers that worked with him were able to share that God is indeed a God of justice and mercy. Jesus made sure justice was served in our place. What amazing opportunities abounded from this one situation! 

Going into the interview, I think I assumed an American CEO working abroad would have no time to lead Bible studies, disciple believers, or share the Gospel. In all honesty, it sounded like he didn’t have a ton of time for all of that. But that didn’t mean he was useless for the Gospel there. In fact, I think God used him to remind me that all people are integral in taking the Gospel to the lost. It’s not just the missionary that matters. It’s not just the person who leads someone to Christ that matters. It’s not just the pastor who disciples a new believer that matters. It will take all of us to create a movement of churches springing up all over the world. We need more Marks to work in companies abroad. We need them to work hard and use opportunities to point people to Jesus. We need CEOs and missionaries and church planters and teachers and accountants to work together to strategically share the Gospel with those who have not heard. 

How can you be involved in taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth? You may not be a church planter, but can you do your job in another country and use the opportunities God gives you, like Mark did? If so, please pray about what God would have you do. There are probably far more opportunities than you realize!