Are you an intentional traveler?

There is a segment of the Skybridge community that plays an unique role in taking the gospel abroad. They move about from place to place. They work for multi national companies. They often have to travel to the same cities several times a year with their jobs.

They want to be intentional as they travel and do business abroad.

One businessperson stays at the same bed and breakfast each time in Paris. He plans ahead to be sure the owners of the hotel can spend one evening with him.

He frequents the same restaurants. Goes to the same news stand each morning to get his paper. Goes to the same coffee shops.

He makes sure to spend time with people from his national company. He goes out to eat with his co-workers. He gets to know them as well as possible.

He is trying to learn the language in order to communicate better in that country.

He is meeting other Christians and Christian workers to develop his network there.

He tries to make the most of his opportunities and if the Lord opens the doors for deeper conversations then he is ready.

There are many ways international business people can serve abroad. I often hear of these men and women who want to offer their consulting services or perhaps speak or even serve missionaries. All of those are good. But I think this is worth considering.

Live out your life as salt and light no matter where you wake up in the morning.
You do not have to lead something to serve abroad. You can simply be yourself.
Follow Jesus. Tell people whom the Lord puts in your path about him. It can be quite natural.

Are you an intentional traveler?

This post was written by Larry McCrary, co-founder of the Skybridge Community.