10 practical ways to reach out to Muslims during Ramadan

Beginning on June 17th, Muslims all over the world will begin a month long fast as part of Ramandan. From sun-up to sun-down, observers will abstain from food, drink and sex. Families and friends gather together at sunset to break the fast with a large meal.

Our partner, IMB, has prepared an amazing guide to help you know how to pray for Muslims during this time. Each day of the month provides specific things to pray for and background on the holiday. Furthermore, it provides 10 tips to reach out to Muslims. Whether you work in a Muslim country or live amongst them here in the US, we think this guide gives practical tips for anyone, living anywhere:

1. Prepare a bag of dates and nuts to pass out to right before sunset with a card or short note introducing yourself. 

2. Visit a mosque in your city with a friend. Many mosques will open their doors to visitors during this Ramadan.

3. Fast and pray each Friday during Ramadan. 

You can download the rest of these tips and the daily prayer guide in PDF format. 

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