Teachers Needed in International Cities. Apply Now!
April 3, 2017

Teachers Needed in International Cities. Apply Now!

By Guest Blogger

Did you know that teaching is one of the easiest professions to find a job overseas?

On Christian Retirement
January 23, 2017

On Christian Retirement

By Guest Blogger

If work is an area in which we offer ourselves to God, how should Christians view retirement?

Many people believe retirement means withdrawing from work or labor in order to enjoy life to the fullest without obligation, commitment, or worry. You can do what you feel like doing whenever you want to do it. Retirement is all about you. It is a reward for all your hard work.

This isn’t the attitude toward retirement we see in the Bible.

October 24, 2016

5 Steps to Landing a Job Overseas

By Kevin Prewett

You have the itch.  Something inside you has been stirred.  Maybe it was a recent sermon, maybe you read a blog post, or maybe you just have seemingly “stumbled” across the idea.  However it occurred, something has changed.  For the first time in your life, you are actually considering working overseas, and it may not mean you have to become a "vocational missionary." 

So how do you begin to look for opportunities to do what you love to do, do what you went to college for and stay in the industry you work in currently?  

July 7, 2016

31 Day Challenge by Antioch Journey

By Guest Blogger

Check out this great new study from one of our Skybridge partners, Antioch Journey.

The Antioch Journey website centers around a simple 31-day series of emails (the “31 Day Challenge”), as well as blog entries and access to a full assessment tool that helps you understand your readiness for ministry in the marketplace. Organizers are praying it will help you connect your faith and vocation in a way that intentionally fulfills the Great Commission.

April 16, 2016

Should I start a blog if I live overseas?

By Guest Blogger

The short answer is YES. You definitely should. 

But why, Julie? 

Oh let me count the ways.

March 21, 2016

What to do when your boss doesn't share your faith

By Guest Blogger

Prior to full-time vocational ministry, I worked in the banking world. Most of the men and women for whom I worked did not share my faith. And, admittedly, this presented some challenging moments for me.

Recently, I read through the book of Daniel. As I read this text, I began to notice the working relationship between Daniel and the kings under which he served. Initially, none believed in his God. How did he work under their authority? And what lessons can we learn?